AIMSAgrofeed International Monogastric Symposium

Fruitful Knowledge

November 8-9, 2021


We thank all the participants and our sponsors for attending the Symposium, which has shown that the actors in the livestock sector are receptive to new things.

See you again in 2023!


  • „What a great symposium! Thank you Botond Alpar and the Agrofeed Kft. team for giving me this opportunity. A great success and I hope a 2nd symposium soon.”

    Emmanuel Landeau, JEFO
  • “Thanks to you and the Agrofeed team for putting together a great event and for spending time with us in building our future together.”

    Rob Rippens, Ardol
  • “Many thanks to you and Agrofeed team for your this very fruitful symposium (in all senses)! Very well done, great people, and much appreciated.”

    Olivier Desrues, Silvateam
  • “Thanks a lot. Again congrats for your super organization and for the quality  of the conferences. Have a great  week-end.”

    Jérôme FOUQUET, Jefo
  • “Thank you very much for sending me the photos. They are very nice memories of a great event organised by Agrofeed. Looking forward to see the short film. Once again it was a great pleasure to participate in this event. Many thanks for the invitation. Congratulations to all of you for the organisation of the AIMS.”

    Piero Agostini, Schothorst
  • „Thank you for the pictures and once more for such a nice welcome in Hungary! I hope Animine and Agrofeed continue to harvest apples together :)”

    Denise Cardoso, Animine
  • “Thank you for the attached photos  and the opportunity to participate in such a professional conference. I wish the entire Agrofeed team many years of success more and wide development prospects.”

    Paulina Bukowska-Rzezak, Kemin
  • “It was a pleasure to participate on it, really enjoy every minute. Would like to Congratulate all of you for the organization, very impressive!”

    Elizabeth Santin
  • “Congratulations with the   the AIMS 2021 which was  really a success in every respect and will put AGROFEED now another time on the top of the professional card. On behalf  of all of us  I would  like to thank you for  everything  and your hospitality,which will be unforgettable.”

    HUbJMF Gillessen, ARDOL B.V., CEO
  • “On behalf of the 4 of us as well as the entire Delacon company, we would like to thank you for your warm welcome and the perfect organization of your symposium. As we did express it to the 2 of you during those 2 days, we wish to develop a sustainable and long-term partnership with Agrofeed.”

    Jerome Lempereur, Sales Group Lead, EMEA

    The background of the event

    From 2022, EU regulations will come into force modernizing the current rules on the authorization and use of veterinary medicines. As a result of the measures, the intestinal health of poultry and pigs has recently become more and more important, and feeding strategies to prevent digestive problems based on natural foundations have become the focus of interest.

    The purpose of the event

    Although the reduction of antibiotic use is an issue that also affects farm technology, hygiene, animal health and work organization, we would like to present feeding solutions specifically at the AIMS conference. In order to reduce the use of preventive antibiotics, the event will focus on novel poultry and pig feed compilation principles, pig farming without therapeutic doses of zinc oxide supplementation, and alternative options for controlling coccidiosis in poultry.


    Within the framework of the event, renowned foreign and domestic keynote speakers, as well as the world’s leading, innovative manufacturers of feed supplements will share their experiences, report on their latest experimental results, and share their feed recommendations.

    Keynote speakers

    • Dr. Elizabeth Santin
    • Dr. Piero Agostini
    • Jannes Doppenberg
    • Dr. Ronald Scholten
    • Botond Alpár
    • Dr. Elizabeth Santin
    • Dr. Piero Agostini
    • Jannes Doppenberg
    • Dr. Ronald Scholten
    • Botond Alpár
    • Dr. Elizabeth Santin Vice-president of Applied Science Curiosity

      Since 2004, Dr. Elizabeth Santin has been a Professor of Poultry Pathology at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil. She completed her DVM at the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria and PhD at the Universidade de São Paulo. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California in Immunology and Nutrition.

      Dr. Santin has been actively engaged in research in the fields of gastrointestinal health and microbiology applied to poultry production. She is the developer of the ISI (I See Inside) method which is the most detailed and worldwide accepted method to analyze and compare the GUT health in mainly monogastric species. She joined the Jefo Team in January 2019, and she is now operating as VP Applied Scientific Curiosity (ASC).

    • Dr. Piero Agostini Poultry Consultant, SFR

      Piero Agostini, a young man of Brazilian descent, graduated in veterinary medicine from the Universidade Estadual de Londrina in 2006. He also took part in a master’s program in feeding. As a PhD student, he earned a doctorate in nutrition and management in Dublin and then in Barcelona.

      Initially, he gained experience as a livestock feed researcher in Spain, then in 2013 he joined the Schothorst Feed Research team in the Netherlands! At SFR, it mainly conducts research and consulting activities by visiting clients, who are mostly feed manufacturers and integrators in Europe and Asia. He is involved in providing courses and trainings related to poultry nutrition.

      The cooperation between Agrofeed Ltd. and Schothorst Feed Research dates back many years, and the poultry has been working professionally for almost four years with Piero’s personal consulting.

    • Jannes Doppenberg Pig Nutrition Consultant

      Jannes Doppenberg has 25 years of experience in the international feed business. He obtained his MSc degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He majored in Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology with minors in Agronomy and Pedagogy. Part of his studies were conducted at the Ohio Agricultural Research Center in the U.S. during an internship. In the U.S. he obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health.

      He managed a vitamin and mineral premix business in the U.S. for 15 years. Upon returning to the Netherlands Jannes joined Schothorst Feed Research an independent research organization focusing on evaluating the nutritional value of feedstuffs and feed additives for the international feed industry. He was mainly involved with research and consultancy for the feed industry because of his practical experience. From 2021 he has started his own independent consultancy service.

    • Dr. Ronald Scholten Fermentation Consultant

      Dr. Ronald Scholten has more than 10 years’ experience in fermentation of feed. In 2001, he finished his PhD “Fermentation of Liquid Diets for Pigs”, which was a collaboration project between Applied Research Institute for Pig Husbandry (where he worked from 1996 until 1999) and University of Wageningen, Netherlands.

      Dr. Scholten lived in Hungary from 2003, where he also co-owned and managed 5 pig farms until 2010. Since 2010 he has his own consultancy company, Dr.FERM, focused on fermentation of raw materials. His customers are feed factories, pig farmers, integrators, and companies developing enzymes or bacteria. Moreover, also poultry, calves and aquaculture are showing more and more interest into fermentation technology. Dr.FERM is world-wide active.

    • Botond Alpár R&D leader

      Botond Alpár has 23 years of experience in the feed business. Graduated from Szent István University, Hungary in 1997, in the same year he started his career at Agribrands Europe Hungary (Purina), later Cargill as a pig product manager.

      He joined Agrofeed Ltd. in 2002 and worked as a pig nutritionist until August 2019, developed feed formulas and nutrition programs for local and foreign pig producers. Since September 2019, he has been the leader of the R&D team dealing with other animal species as well. He also supervises feed experiments in the company’s own swine test farm at Lovászpatona, Vivafarm Ltd.



    • 9:00
    • 10:00
      Welcome speech
      Tibor Csitkovics – Agrofeed CEO
    • 10:15
      Low and very low birth and weaning weight piglet: How do we cope with them?
      Jannes Doppenberg – Pig Nutrition Consultant – DNCS
    • 10:45
      Colostro&Basdiar – protection for piglets right after birth
      Ardol – Rob Rippens – General Manager Sales
    • 11:00
      How to reduce the number of foster sows? – and solutions how to apply in the barn
      Schils – Jo Heusschen – Business Development Manager
    • 11:15
      Coffee Break – Poster viewing & networking
    • 11:45
      Optimizing the nutribiotic state in swine and poultry using enzymes and probiotics
      IFF – Barthold Christian Hillen – Regional Technical Manager
    • 12:00
      TechnoYeast® – Gives Young Animals a Head Start, ZnO ban and it’s challenges
      Biochem – Tim Otto – Regional Technical Manager Southeastern Europe
    • 12:15
      Innovative Zinc&Copper sources to succeed under new EU regulations
      Animine – Denise Cardoso / Ian Cockshott – Product Manager / Technical & Sales Manager
    • 12:30
      Formulated plant based protein concentrates with almost 100% protein & aminoacid digestibility
      Joosten – Geert van den Boomen – Managing Director
    • 12:45
      Lunch – Networking
    • 14:15
      Poultry diets without antibiotics: how to balance the nutrients and what are the economic consequences?
      Piero Agostini – Schothorst Feed Research – Poultry Consultant
    • 14:45

      How to replace coccidiostatics and antibiotics in poultry feeding programs? 10 years experience in Hungary!

      Phytosynthese – Zoltán Pachinger PhD – Regional Representative
    • 15:00

      Antibiotic – Free Broilers Canada / USA

      Trillium Hatchery – Humber College – Derek Detzler – Poultry Consultant specializing in antibiotics reduction
    • 15:15
      Coffee Break – Poster viewing & networking
    • 15:45
      The road to weaning piglets without relying on high doses of Zinc Oxide
      Kemin – Paulina Bukowska-Rzezak – Technical Service Manager Health for Northern & Eastern Europe
    • 16:00
      Weaning piglets without zinc oxide: from science to farm
      Phileo-Lesaffre – Wouter de Bruin – Western Europe Manager – Swine
    • 16:15
      Plant-based bioactives for a natural antioxidant solution
      Silvateam – Olivier Desrues, Ph.D. – Technical and Sales Account Manager EMEA
    • 16:30
      The performance of the feed? The manufacturing process makes the difference!
      Carra – Marianna Altieri – R&D leader
    • 16:45
      Networking, tasting, free time
    • 19:00
      Gala dinner
    • 8:30
      Poster viewing & networking
    • 9:00
      An inside view of gut health to improve sustainability in poultry production
      Elizabeth Santin – Professor of Poultry Pathology at the Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil
    • 9:30

      CalSeaGrow, Natural solution to maximize egg production, reduce the impact of oxidative stress, while improving overall egg quality

      Phosphea – Ms. Margot Poujol – Poultry Product Manager
    • 9:45
      Natural protection for the little ones
      Delacon – Daniel Safianski / Ilya Afanasyev – Regional Sales and Technical Lead East Europe / Regional Technical Manager
    • 10:00
      Gut Health and water soluble solutions
      Evonik – Álvaro Ortiz – Technical Manager
    • 10:15
      Coffee Break – Poster viewing & networking
    • 10:45
      Fermentation Technology – Concept to improve health and efficiency of monogastric animals
      Dr. Ronald Scholten – Fermentation consultant – Dr. Ferm
    • 11:15
      How to manage the challenge of the weaning in the new EU situation
      Jefo – Emmanuel Landeau – Technical Manager
    • 11:30
      LAN solutions to manage post-weaning piglets in an antimicrobials free context
      Lallemand – Cindy Jacobs – Technical Manager,Central, Northern, Eastern Europe and Russia
    • 11:45
      Coffee Break – Poster viewing & networking
    • 12:15

      The importance of water for farm animals

      Ásványi Balázs & Dr. Tóthpál Adrienn – Széchenyi István University
    • 12:30
      Antibiotic use optimization programs on farms – is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
      Agrofeed – Dr. László Gombos – Specialist Veterinarian
    • 12:45

      Contribution to natural feeding programs from the nutritionist side

      Botond Alpár – Agrofeed – R&D Leader
    • 13:15
      Closer of symposium
    • 13:30

    Place of the event

    Hotel Azúr, Siófok
    • 8600 Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 2/c

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    Technical informations


    • Occupancy

      You can occupy the accommodation continuously, during the symposium, during coffee breaks, thus avoiding queuing in the period after the presentations.
    • Data provision

      Due to mandatory data provision, the hotel must request your personal document (ID card, passport or driving license), so please prepare this before booking.
    • Check-Out

      Please leave the rooms by 10.30 am on 9th November.


    • Publicity

      The event is press public.

    The Event

    • Breaks

      Available breaks during the day:

      November 8.





      November 9.




    • Presentations

      The preparation and organization of the presentations took a long time, keep in mind that you can take part of a unique feeding symposium, where in almost two days you will receive useful information from more than a dozen aspects on the issues that most concern livestock keepers.


    We are proud of the sponsors of our event, which companies make an active knowledge transfer for the development of the industry.


    Hungarian and foreign POULTRY and PIG nutritionist are invited, who are existing and targeted business partenrs of Agrofeed Ltd. (Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Croatia, Baltics, Georgia, Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan).

    Participation is free for invited guests.

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